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The resident video game nerd here at The Classy Wasteland, Ascanius has been a gamer since his early childhood, way back when he would play his dad’s old Atari 2600 for hours on end.

But it didn’t end with Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man, and that terrible baseball game with the stick men. No sir! Years later, equipped with an SNES and a big fat see-through Game Boy, Ascanius emerged into adolescence, still completely oblivious of the geeky future in store for him.

Now, a grown adult, with years of gaming experience and most of a nearly useless college degree in English and Philosophy in-hand, he is ready to guide you through a particularly interesting stretch of the Classy Wasteland: the world of video games.

While his current interests pertain mostly to PC gaming and Nintendo products (once a Nintendo fan, always a Nintendo fan), Ascanius will be covering tons of exciting games, new and old, good and downright terrible, every Sunday right here on the Classy Wasteland.